We are actively seeking partnerships that support our efforts, through our films, to spread the word about Woell´s world, his art and message to create community, combat fascism, and protect the environment.  Join us to:

  • Host public screening and Q&A programs at local libraries.
  • Host dialogues and screenings at colleges and universities, art guilds and conferences.
  • Underwrite theatrical premieres at museums in major cities.


I first encountered Fred Woell’s work in the book Objects USA and in the jewelry section of that book there’s this one person that stands out in this absolutely amazing way and of course that’s Fred Woell. And I think his work really captured that moment, 1969 in a way that hardly anything else in that book does ... he’s both quoting the reality of mass production and brand culture and he’s also aggressively and incisively attacking that culture. So he’s a great satirist.
— Glenn Adamson, Former Director of the Museum of Arts and Design, NYC
Sunset Over Homer Alaska, 1983

Sunset Over Homer Alaska, 1983